"Giving love to the heart, mind, body and spirit"

Hi, I'm Jessi!

An intuitive / healer & coach

I love to guide women to give love to their heart, mind, body and spirit. A journey of softening, opening and expanding into joyful & creative aliveness.

In the sessions we work with embodiment, body work, meditation, breathe work, nature connection, somatic practices and your intuitive wisdom.

I love to invite you to One on One sessions, workshops and courses.

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One on One

Are you longing to live a life more from your Heart?

I'm here to guide you on a journey of love, beauty and inner unity. As we together embrace all as beautiful and sacred.

You are invited to let go of old stories and conditioning so that you may feel yourself with more joy, receiving life in abundance, following your unique path and your hearts dreams.

I love to support my clients in balancing and upgrading their energetics, to soften at heart, creating more space for joy, honoring their full expression, while cultivating a connection to their intuitive body wisdom and a home feeling within the heart and body.

In honor to love, life, the divine, the feminine and nature.

"After my 1:1 journey with Yessi I felt more connected to myself, in love with myself and life. A seed got planted that now can grow on it's own".


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Words from Clients

“I feel more confident to fully express my authentic self and embody both my light and my darkness.”


Yogateacher & artist - Germany

"Little things that remind me of negative experiences from previous relationships sometimes trigger strong emotions in me, but now I can distinguish more consciously whether I am reacting to old wounds or to something in the present".


CEO - Germany

The therapeutic value of the sessions was gold in terms of  confidence, self-love and trust"


Student - Switzerland

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